Carpet Cleaning

Trust the Chem-Dry Routine

Our top of the line equipment and solutions provide you with the best opportunity at a clean carpet. Our technicians are trained to handle precisely your type of emergency, and we offer the reliable caring service in Carlsbad, CA you would provide your self! Treat your carpets right, and call Courtesy Chem-Dry to see the difference we can make in removing stains. Your carpets deserve the best, and we’re the best!

Eco-Friendly Solutions

At Courtesy Chem-Dry, we care about the environment as much as we care about your carpets. Our all-natural solutions are safe for your home and family, as well as the earth, and are free of harsh chemicals that most competitors include in their products. Our equipment cleans up spots and stains in Carlsbad, CA without grinding toxins into the fibers like most carpet cleaners do! Call Courtesy Chem-Dry today to see us saving the planet, while simultaneously saving your carpets or furniture.

Chem-Dry Specialists

Don’t cry over spilt milk – try our specialty stain removal! If the stain returns, so do we! We guarantee your happiness over our visit. Our stain removal solutions are so innovative that we are confident in naming them the best and most efficient options in Carlsbad, CA for spots or stain removal. For this reason alone, Courtesy Chem-Dry should be the top of your list when you get an emergency stain on your carpet or furniture. Don’t put it off; call today!

No Better Time!

There is no better time to remove any spot or stain than today! You can trust Courtesy Chem-Dry to treat your carpets or furniture like we would our own, restoring it to its original shine. We offer the best chance at removing offending stains so don’t hesitate to call! We can remove spots as well as stains from your carpets at an affordable price, so take advantage of our premier service in Carlsbad, CA and call today!

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